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How It works

  • Share a referral link with family and friends

    Sign up on meShare’s website to generate your referral link. Share the link with family and friends. They’ll receive a $20 meShare voucher.

  • Your family and friends place orders

    Accrue earnings from referrals to meShare. Earnings are distributed through PayPal 37 days after the purchase is made.

  • Receive 15% earnings on the orders placed pursuant to the terms and conditions

    Earnings will be distributed to you through PayPal in 37 days.

Terms and Conditions

  • General Rules
  • Terms and Conditions
  • To take part in this Promotion, simply sign up on the meShare website to receive your referral link (“Referral”). The Referral may be shared with family and friends. The person you send a Referral to (“Contact”) will receive a $20 voucher for a 6-month cloud plan with meShare and a meShare 1080p Home WiFi Camera (“Promotional Item”). When someone uses your Referral to complete a purchase of the Promotional Item, and all requirements under the Terms and Conditions are met, you will receive a 15% commission to your registered PayPal account subject to the Terms and Conditions. Referrals can only be used once. The Promotion is only good while supplies last.

    By participating in this Promotion you acknowledge that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion as well as meShare’s Terms of Service, Warranty, Return Policy and Privacy Notice.
  • By participating in this Promotion either by registering for a referral link (“Referral”) to share (“Entering”), or using a Coupon Code sent via a Referral to purchase the offered Product and Services, you are indicating that you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and meShare’s Terms of Service, Warranty, Return Policy and Privacy Notice.

    1.   Promotion
        a. This Promotion is being offered by meShare Inc. (“meShare”).
    2.  General
         a. You agree and acknowledge that you will not send Referrals to any person not eligible for this Promotion.
    3.  Promotion Dates and Link Expiration
        a. This Promotion will run from April 4, 2019 until June 30, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Any entries entered after this date and time will be void and any Referrals sent after this date and time will be void and will not be accepted.
        b. Referrals will expire on June 30, 2019 at 11:59 p.m CDT.
        c. The Promotion may be canceled earlier if supplies run out.
    4.  Eligibility
        a. To be eligible to participate in this promotion, you must be:
           i. a resident of the United States of America; and,
           ii. eighteen years of age or older.
        b. meShare reserves the right to verify Participants by requiring proof of identity, age and address. Failure to provide this information may lead to termination from the Promotion and the voiding of any payments made pursuant to this Promotion (“Earnings”).


  • How do I become a meShare Referrer?


    1. Click through on the giftbox widget in the lower right corner.
    2. Create an account or sign in.
    3. Upon completion of the form, a personal referral link will be generated that you can share with your contacts.

    The referral promotion cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

    If your contact completes a relevant purchase on meShare’s site utilizing the referral link, you will receive 15% earnings on that purchase subject to the Promotion’s Terms and Conditions. Earnings are distributed through Paypal 37 days later.

  • Which products pertain to the referral program?


    If your contact purchases a meShare Indoor Camera leveraging your referral link, you will accrue referral earnings subject to the Terms and Conditions. Learn more about the meShare Indoor Camera here:

  • When will I receive my referral earnings?


    For purchases that align with the promotion Terms and Conditions, you will receive earnings within 37 days after your contact’s first purchase.
    If you have not received a reward for your contact’s purchase via a referral link, it is possible that your referral was deemed invalid. For security and privacy purposes, we cannot share the exact reason referrals are deemed invalid.

  • Where can I view my reward balance?


    Your reward balance can be seen in your Paypal account in 37 days after your contact’s first purchase.

  • How many people can I refer through this program?


    You can refer as many of your contacts with your referral link as desired.

  • Can I use the coupon to purchase the meShare device?


    Yes, you can use the coupon to purchase a meShare Indoor Camera on meShare’s website. Each coupon can be redeemed only once. The coupon code cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions.