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meShare Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary

Jul 22, 2020 1:07:35 AM

meShare Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary

IoT Platform Provider Recently Completed 6 Full Years of Operation

July 22, 2020 [Champaign, IL] -- meShare Inc,a USA-headquartered IoT Platform provider, today celebrated its 6th anniversary. Entering its 7th year, the company will be committed to providing a better user experience and helping product teams launch their IoT solutions in the most efficient way possible.

According to a research report by Statista, the total installed base of the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is projected to amount to 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025. To better assist IoT product providers to achieve their goals in this rapidly changing industry, meShare offers a solution that is truly end-to-end and has already experienced success in the market.

meShare has hit another milestone by introducing completely new app updates in the past few months. The cloud plan subscribers have benefited from the updates by getting access to more features including object identification based on AI analysis and longer video clips saved.

"We are proud of what we built in the past 6 years," said Kevin Wan, CEO and founder of meShare. "And I'm thankful to have such an incredible team of members who share meShare’s mission of not only improving people’s way of life, but also empowering more businesses to provide the best IoT solutions possible."

meShare's cloud platform currently connects over 6.5 million IoT devices and provides sophisticated cloud-based features to over 2.5 million users.

About meShare
From its inception in 2014, meShare's goal is to create an IoT ecosystem with advanced AI features, big data analytics, and a strong network of devices, users, service providers, and more. With its data center in Champaign, IL, research and development team in Shenzhen and an innovation lab in Silicon Valley, meShare is one of the few platform companies that offers an open and compatible IoT ecosystem. For more information, please visit