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Google Assistant Comes to meShare Devices

Oct 30, 2018 1:44:51 AM

Google Assistant Comes to meShare Devices

meShare cameras now work with Google's voice assistant

CHAMPAIGN, IL November 1, 2018 -- meShare, a secure IoT platform, adds support for the Google Assistant to its cameras. Consumers that own eligible devices can now use voice control to interact with meShare devices to monitor their home.

"The meShare community was eager to use Google Assistant to interact with their devices," said Jen Quinlan, VP of Marketing at meShare. "Now, by saying, "Hey Google", you can check on any of your meShare cameras' feeds with your TV or other smart displays."

The popularity of voice control is evident through the growth of the smart speaker market. According to a March 2018 report by IDC, the total value of smart speakers worldwide reached $4.4 billion in 2017. And the number is projected to hit $11.8 billion in 2018.

meShare cameras that are now compatible with the Google Assistant include the meShare 1080p Home Indoor Camera (SKU: MS001C), meShare 1080p Home Outdoor Camera (SKU: MS002C) and meShare Mini WiFi Camera (SKU: MS003C).

For current meShare device owners, enabling Google Assistant takes just a few steps. Download the Google Home app and add meShare through "Home Control". After the meShare account is linked, Google will find all the compatible devices and add them automatically. Whenever new meShare devices are added through the meShare app, users can ask their Google Assistant to "sync my devices" to update them on the Google Assistant side.

Talk to Google Assistant to see the live stream from your meShare devices. Say, "Hey Google" followed by the device's location in your home and where you'd like to cast the device's feed.

For current meShare customers that own Google Assistant compatible products, a firmware update is required. Follow prompts within the meShare app to update cameras' firmware to the latest version.

The meShare team has plans to make future products compatible as well. For the latest updates, please visit

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