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meShare Adds Voice Control with Amazon Alexa

Jun 21, 2018 4:10:05 AM

meShare Adds Voice Control with Amazon Alexa

meShare Cameras Now Work with Amazon Alexa

CHAMPAIGN, IL [June 21, 2018] -- meShare, the secure IoT platform for connected devices, announces compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Consumers that own Amazon Echo or Fire TV products can now use voice control to interact with their meShare cameras.

According to a 2018 report by NPR and Edison Research, 16 percent of Americans own a voice-activated smart speaker. By 2020, 75 percent of households will have at least one voice speaker and 50 percent of searches will be conducted via voice.

"Voice-controlled devices are becoming the norm in users' homes," said Jasper Ruban, User Experience Researcher of meShare. "We're thrilled to provide flexible ways for customers to interact with their meShare cameras and monitor their home."

Three meShare cameras have completed the Works with Alexa certification process including meShare 1080p Home Indoor Camera (SKU: MS001C), meShare 1080p Home Outdoor Camera (SKU: MS002C) and meShare Mini WiFi Camera (SKU: MS003C).

Current meShare customers are advised to ensure their firmware is up to date. The meShare app will automatically prompt you if a new firmware update is available. Or you can visit the Support section of meShare's site for instructions on how to manually update the firmware. Then open the Amazon Alexa application. Via the menu, navigate to the Skills & Games section. Search skills for meShare and enable the meShare skill. Sign in using your meShare account credentials and add supported devices.

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