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meShare is an open, compatible
and secure IoT ecosystem.

meShare is an open, compatible
and secure IoT ecosystem.


Our Platform

meShare can support all smart devices with its open standards API. Our modular platform means we can quickly meet the needs of device providers. Developers can easily tap into meShare’s resources, which already include support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Our History

meShare was established in 2014. With our headquarters located in Silicon Valley and datacenter in Champaign, IL, meShare serves users from all over the world, including North America, Mexico, Europe, Australia, China, and India. Smart devices on the meShare platform trigger over 15 million alerts per day.


Our Belief

We believe that by transforming the way we connect to the people and things that matter most, we can build a smarter and better world. Currently, meShare has connected over 4 million smart devices, 1.5 million active users, and 100 thousand cloud recording subscribers.


Our servers use bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS). All videos, pictures, and transmissions are secured with AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption. We are continually expanding our servers and striving to provide better products, services, and user experiences.


We push innovation forward with rapid development and strong collaboration.
Our goal is to create an IoT ecosystem with advanced AI features, big data analytics, and a strong network of devices, users, service providers, and more.